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Buhari “Is Not The Best For Nigeria,” Obasanjo Insist


Olusegun Obasanjo, former President has insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari must be voted out in 2019.

Obasanjo reaffirmed his position in a statement by his media aide Kehinde Akinyemi on Sunday, according to Punch.

The statement comes after a report where Obasanjo urged Nigerians to vote who they want made the rounds over the weekend. Obasanjo who was speaking at the Owu National Convention in Osun state, in the latest statement, said he asked that people vote who they want because he didn’t want to use the platform for political campaign.

“Chief Obasanjo reaffirms that he is on the side of what is best for Nigeria and what we have currently, at the helm of affairs of Nigeria, is not the best for Nigeria, so nobody should fool himself or deceive others about Chief Obasanjo’s position,” the statement said.

Read the full statement below:

It is disingenuous, if not malicious, for anyone to suggest that Chief Obasanjo was being neutral when he chose not to use the Owu convention as a platform for political campaign but instead adopted a communal and familial approach in talking to members of his Owu family.

For the records, and as accurately reported by some media organisations, what the former President said at the convention in Iwo was that while he would not impose any candidates on them, Nigerians should vote for credible candidates who would drive growth and development and make their lives better than it is now.

Chief Obasanjo’s statement did not suggest his neutrality. In fact, the former President believes that only a fool will sit on the fence or be neutral when his or her country is being destroyed. Chief Obasanjo is no such fool nor is he so unwise.

The former President reassures Nigerians that he will not sit on the fence when he needs to be out and active for people to know where he stands in the best interest of Nigeria.